Monday, April 2, 2007

DIY: Hang A Garden In The Kitchen

I may be the Gourmand here at Casa Jules, but Sargeant Pepper is the Toolman(d)! He made me this lively trellis on the weekend. Even the smallest of kitchens can accomodate one. Make it as large or as small as you like by crisscrossing 1 x 1-inch slats. Use plastic chain from a garden supply center to hang it from the ceiling. Dress up the trellis with ivy, or vining nasturtiums you can include in salads. Add hooks and hang cups, dried herbs, pot holders or other kitchen paraphernalia. Hang the trellis over a table to create a garden atmosphere (and prentend you are dining el fresco!), or near the stove to hold pots. Or, make one to fit the whole kitchen ceiling and turn your kitchen into an arbor! What fun!

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